Scientific outputs

The main goal of EUROBOAR is to produce collaborative science, which includes scientific papers in peer review journals but also participation in congresses and workshops where themes relevant to the project are discussed. Education is also an important element of the projects, especially for PhD and master science students.
In addition to the scientific outputs that were produced completely by EUROBOAR, there are a number of other outputs where EUROBOAR contributed significantly. Below a list of the main outputs/achievements with scientific relevance is reported.

Last update: 21/12/2017

EUROBOAR paper series

Related PhD thesis

The following PhD Thesis relied in part on the EUROBOAR dataset and collaborative team but, mostly, contributed excellent science out of it! Congrats for achieving such an important result!

Related publications

Presentations at conferences and workshops

  • Cagnacci F., Morelle K., Focardi S., Urbano F. & EUROUNGULATES 2017. Biologging 6 'Collaborative science for studying ungulates movement ecology at the European scale', 24-29 September, Konstanz, Germany.