The EURODEER approach to data and knowledge sharing has proven to be effective in creating a strong network of researchers and ultimately to produce science not possible at level of each single research group. This experience inspired the scientific community studying movement ecology of wild boar (Sus scrofa) to experiment the same method, adapting the tools created by EURODEER for a EUROBOAR project.  At the same time, the data on red deer (Cervus elaphus) already stored in EURODEER database has evolved into a dedicated database, EUREDDEER (in this case, the project and the network remain the same of EURODEER). In 2018, two additional network have been established: EUROLYNX and EUROWILDCAT.

These five databases are connected, facilitating inter-species studies.

For this purpose, the umbrella project EUROMAMMALS has been established to coordinates as much as possible each species-specific database. Other communities are very welcome to join.