EUROBOAR members meet in periodic 2 to 3 days meeting that are held every 12 months in one of the headquarters or study site of the partner Institutes. These meetings are a key activity of the EUROBOAR network. The meetings are a valuable opportunity to update all the members on the new developments, to communicate on to each other the scientific outputs/advancements, discuss face-to-face the content of ongoing scientific works and to identify new line of research. Ultimately, the EUROBOAR meetings are an opportunity to share knowledge and cultivate mutual trust and a sense of cohesive scientific community that has the common goal to improve wildlife management and conservation with scientific-driven decisions. When possible and in order to limit the travel costs the EUROBOAR meetings are organized in the same area and period as important wildlife congresses such like EuroBoar Symposia and International Union of Game Biologists.

Past EUROBOAR meetings