Last update: 21/02/2021

"Pagers" are the means by which we can share and start new research ideas and collaborations. Pager, short for "one and a half pager", is a document that details a new research topic that somebody in the network wishes to work on, in a brief and easily digestible way. For more details, please consult the terms of use. On top of Euroboar pagers, some others are developed across Euromammals networks (inter-network pagers), or specifically using the EuroCaM logitudinal platform (EuroCaM pagers). Finally, external projects requesting Euromammals data are requested to write a pager and sign an agreement for data use, clearly limited to those partners who agreed to let the data being used.

Download the pager form here.


  1. Podgórski et al. Contacts rates in wild boar
  2. Chassagneux et al.  Hunting impact on wild boar
  3. Fiderer, Heurich et. al ASF in Wild boar
  4. Morelle et al. Wild boar-domestic pig Interface
  5. Morelle, Podgórski et al. Mapping the landscape of wild boar contacts
  6. Yang, Morelle et al. Wild boar / Wild pig comparative analysis


7. Passoni et al. Consistency of migratory route

8. Benjamin et al. Agricultural habitat selection under an availability and structural gradient- wild boar and roe deer

9. Gaurav et al. Evaluating connectivity of high nature value agricultural areas

10. Ossi et al. Impact of roads on wildlife: a quasi-experimental approach at the continental level

11. Bonnot et al. The effect of COVID-19 restrictions of human activity on wildlife diurnality


  1. N. Ferry., C. Fiderer et al. Assessing changes in the spatio-temporal behaviour of wildlife during the COVID-19 lockdown
  2. C. Nogueira Joint estimation of European wildcat (Felis silvestris) density across Europe

STATUS of EuroCaM pagers (advancement, criticalities)


12. Blaum&Stiegler Tracking of mammals: quantifying the impact of collaring. Status of the pager.


  • Markov N.  Snowtracks movement ecology
  • Fattebert J. , Morelle K.  Homerange across European gradient

Here you can visualize a google sheet with the status of pagers, where you can leave comments, for example the request to be part of the working group, or any other suggestion.