Terms of use

  1. EUROBOAR (EUROpean wild BOAR Information System) is an open, collaborative project based on a spatial database that stores shared wild boar data to investigate variation in behavioural ecology of the species along environmental gradients or population responses to specific conditions, such as habitat changes, impact of human activities, different hunting regimes, etc.
  2. The aim of EUROBOAR is to promote comparative theoretical and applied research into wild boar behavior, ecology and management at the European scale.
  3. EUROBOAR is open to all research groups (later on called “Partners”) which are interested in contributing, with their data and expertise, to integrated analyses on wild boar behaviour, ecology and management.
  4. EUROBOAR is based on the already existing EURODEER platform (according to article 3 of the EURODEER terms of use), constructed to include data at the individual level (GPS and VHF locations, activity data, faith), population level (density, hunting pressure, population dynamic parameters,…), the site level (hunting regime,…) and any other specific data Partners believe necessary to be included in the dataset (e.g. body mass, reproductive success, personality, etc.). EUROBOAR and EURODEER are distinct, autonomous, but coordinated and complementary initiatives. As such EUROBOAR and EURODEER can plan common scientific work, such as papers based on both datasets, organization of common meetings, writing of proposals for fund raising. EUROBOAR and EURODEER will not compete, but coordinate and collaborate on scientific and management issues, including fund raising.
  5. The Partners maintain full property and control of their own dataset, and they can therefore decide to withhold their participation at any stage, but in respect of what is stated at point 8 below.
  6. Each Partner names reference person(s) who is (are) responsible for the use of data in the EUROBOAR context (see point 8), the quality control of the data provided to EUROBOAR, and act(s) as the contact person(s) for the dataset; the reference person(s) undersign(s) this agreement in two copies, one to be kept by him/herself and the other to be sent to the EUROBOAR coordinator.
  7. All reference persons have access to the full EUROBOAR dataset, receiving a password and having the database opened to their IP/IPs, and they are responsible for sharing the access with other members of each Partner group.
  8. All Partners who request to be included into EUROBOAR project implicitly accept and are obliged to respect the following rules for EUROBOAR dataset use and publication process (3 phases):
  • the EUROBOAR dataset can be used, fully or in part, ONLY for those analyses that the majority of Partners have agreed upon; (or other rule)
  • all Partners or groups of Partners are invited to propose themes to be addressed with the EUROBOAR dataset and a related set of analyses; doing so, they will also promote discussion and ask the other Partners for permission to use their dataset for studying the proposed theme; at this stage, the Partners agree freely to study that specific theme (phase 1);
  • all Partners who agreed upon the theme and therefore provided their own dataset or expertise, will receive the first draft of results from analyses; at this stage, each Partner will decide whether to continue to be involved in the publication process or withdraw their data and participation (phase 2);
  • the final stage concerns the formalisation of the manuscript on the specific theme and its submission for publication (phase 3);
  • only Partners who agreed upon the specific theme and therefore provided their own dataset or expertise and/or actively participated in the publication process will be co-authors of the scientific publications derived from the related analyses;
  • Partners withdrawal of dataset for use in the publication process of the specific theme is not permitted after phase 2, while the right to withdraw co-authorship stands;
  • in any case, Partners agree that any exceptions in terms of either database access and co-authorship can be discussed on a case by case basis among EUROBOAR Partners;
  • each Partner is responsible for the list of contributors from their research group to be included as co-authors on scientific publications;
  • the order of co-authors in scientific publications derived from the EUROBOAR
  • dataset will be agreed upon by all participating Partners case by case.
  1. The EUROBOAR database is initially hosted on the server of Fondazione Edmund Mach – Centro Ricerca e Innovazione (FEM-CRI, San Michele all’Adige, Italy) where the EURODEER database is hosted. Therefore FEM-CRI is responsible for the initial hosting of the EUROBOAR database on its server.
  2. The Partners appoint by a common agreement the EUROBOAR coordinator which liaises with the EURODEER coordinator. Both coordinators have access to both databases. FEM-CRI will initially provide administrative support, based on article 3 and 9 of EURODEER terms of use. The EURODEER coordinator provides feedback on the income and expenditures related to EUROBOAR to the EUROBOAR coordinator. After a first period , in which the development and maintenance of EUROBOAR database has been supported by FEM-CRI, the maintenance and further developments of the database will be shared by all Partners, who will contribute freely, in terms of frequency and amount to the expenses. Priorities for maintenance and development on how to allocate funds will be agreed among the Partners. The EUROBOAR coordinator will report annually on the state of funds and upon requests from Partners. Active Partners agree that they will yearly discuss and approve a projection of Profits and Losses.
  3. Partners can access the database via a dedicated website for EUROBOAR.
  4. EUROBOAR Partners can provide for sponsorships by third parties, that once approved by the EUROBOAR coordinator, will be regulated in initial phase by separate agreements between FEM-CRI and the sponsor and that shall refer to these terms of use. Funds provided by sponsorship will be collected and spent as dealt with at point 10.
  5. This document shall be signed by every party that wants to join the EUROBOAR project in order to become an active Partner.
  6. Every Partner, the EUROBOAR coordinator and the EURODEER coordinator shall sign this document and are bound to respect it, as foreseen by the rules of his or her own Institution.